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“Come to this church, you who have much faith and you who would like to have more; you who have been to church often and you who have not been for a long time; you who have tried to follow Jesus, and you who have failed.  Come, it is Christ himself who invites us to meet him here.”

Welcome to St. Paul’s Church. St. Paul’s is a welcoming and inclusive community of about 300 members who come from all over the greater Milwaukee area.

St. Paul’s Vision for Ministry

Rooted in Tradition, Yearning for God’s Grace, Branching out to Serve,
St. Paul’s Church is…
St. Paul's Episcopal Church: A Life Giving Tree -- Grace and Service for AllA Life Giving Tree —Grace and Service for All

Branching out to Serve: “We value reaching out to God, each other and our community.”

Opening ourselves to the Experience of God’s Grace: “We value creating space for beauty, opportunity and service.”

Rooted in Episcopal Tradition: “We value new diversity while honoring our heritage. We value sharing God’s gifts in a distinctive way.”

Living God’s Love Generously: “We value Jesus’ call to give our lives away for the sake of others and the Gospel.

Who attends St. Paul’s

We treasure the richness and diversity God has given our community, as it enhances our understanding of God. As the members of St. Paul’s look around the congregation on any given Sunday they observe an 091315_StPaulsFestival_079array of diversities: male and female; young and not-so-young; individuals from various religious backgrounds; city dwellers and suburbanites; black, white, Asian, Hispanic
and multiracial; gay, lesbian, bisexual and straight; single, married and partnered; PhDs, skilled workers and high school graduates; wealthy, on fixed incomes and struggling from paycheck to paycheck; employed, retired and seeking employment.


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The Mission of St. Paul’s Church

We are a community of faith being transformed through Christ to embody the healing presence of God’s love to one another, our city and the world.

Values and actions that define our mission:

  • Worship that engages, celebrates, and transforms.
  • Spiritual and theological formation grounded in scripture, reason, the Episcopal tradition, and integrated with life experience.
  • Hospitality that invites, welcomes, and incorporates all who seek God in Jesus Christ.
  • Outreach that personifies Christ’s love and Servanthood.
  • Relationships centered in Christ’s redeeming grace for all.
  • Diversity that rejoices in our differences and our unity in Christ.

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