Sermons by Rev. Brad Toebben (Page 11)

I Know Who You Are

A reading of the Gospel (Mathhew 1:21) by Deacon Sheila Scott precedes a homily by Father Brad Toebben in which he shares deeply and invites worshipers into a deep experience of the Spirit.

Children’s Homily

  Kids don’t need to be preached at. Suffer them even for a few moments, and they will teach you all you need to know about them. Fr. Brad sits down with the kids of St. Paul’s and shares in too fleeting moments of Christmas Eve in Milwaukee.

The Beginning of the Good News

Hello Beloved, Spend a little time with The Beginning of the Good News. The first Gospel, Mark, takes us from a very low place and lifts us up on high. So, lets start out in the wilderness — together. And — together — let’s work our way through to the Kingdom of God. Take Care.…