COVID-19 Overview

Dear Friends,

As we approach the cold-winter months, the Opening Committee and the Interim Rector have met to review and revise COVID-19 protocols for the parish. These guidelines are based on public statistical data offered by Milwaukee County, and by best practices established by the Centers for Disease Control and other public health experts. Our goal is to offer clear direction that balances our desire for maximum congregational vitality and maximum safety and security.

We are adopting a Consolidated COVID-19 Status Indicator for St. Paul’s based on more detailed indicators published by Milwaukee County.

The current St. Paul’s COVID-19 Condition always can be found at

A couple of important things about this:

  • Masking and distancing has been part of the St. Paul’s protocol since reopening in May 2021, but understandably, adherence to those important precautions has slipped. Please remember that even if you’re vaccinated and showing no symptoms, it’s still possible to contract COVID-19. And even if your vaccination protects you from high risk of extreme illness or death, others in the congregation remain vulnerable. Let’s care for each other and stay safe.
  • Within 14 days of attending any in-person event at St. Paul’s, if you should either test positive for COVID-19 or show symptoms that suggest that you have COVID-19, seek medical attention, and then please contact me directly at 515-442-5056 and let me know. I’ll keep your identity confidential, but I will alert the parish of possible COVID-19 exposure at a St. Paul’s event.

No system is sufficient to account for every eventuality, or to satisfy the desires of everyone in the congregation. We will make adjustments as needed to offer the safest means of gathering as the Body of Christ, and appreciate your feedback and questions. Please contact me directly at Blessings to you all for a safe and happy autumn, and for good health and prosperity in 2022.

Much love,

Updated 2021-10-13 15:38:34