COVID-19 Condition

How is the St. Paul’s “COVID-19 Condition” determined?

Our goal is to drive our decision-making about tightening and relaxing COVID-19 protocols on empirical data from the Milwaukee County COVID-19 Dashboard. If you click here and choose the “Key Indicators” tab at the bottom, you’ll see that Milwaukee County uses a three-stage system (red, yellow, green) of describing four “key indicators” of COVID-19 threat: Cases (absolute number of known new positive tests), Test Positivity (percent of known tests that are positive), Care (percentage of hospital beds in use by COVID-19 patients), and Vaccination (cumulative rates of vaccination in Milwaukee County).

We discarded the “Test Positivity” indicator on the grounds that its value is not a direct indicator of communal COVID-19 impact because its value can be manipulated by larger or smaller numbers of people being tested, as well as healthier or sicker samples.

We determine St. Paul’s aggregate “condition” from the three remaining indicators as follows. Click on any of these Conditions to see the protocols that are in place under that Condition:

New public data is released weekly on Thursdays at 1:30 Central Time by Milwaukee County, and we update the “St. Paul’s COVID-19 Condition” late Thursday afternoons, sending notification to the parish if it changes.

The current St. Paul’s COVID-19 Condition always can be found at

Updated 2021-10-13 15:15:35