COVID-19 Condition Yellow


  • Anyone in a CDC-defined at-risk category for COVID-19 is encouraged to heed public health warnings.
  • No one with COVID-19 symptoms should enter the building.
  • Masks that cover the nose and mouth and 6-foot minimum distancing between people from different households are mandatory at all times inside all buildings. Certain exceptions apply in worship, as discussed below. N95 or KN95 certified masks are recommended. Hand-shaking and gathering in entryways is suspended.
  • Anyone attending any indoor gathering at St. Paul’s is asked to notify the interim rector at 515-442-5056 if they later have a suspected, presumed, or confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19. We will not reveal your identity without your permission, but will notify others that they may have been exposed to COVID-19 and publish the possible exposure at
  • Gathering outside is strongly preferred over gathering inside, weather permitting.
  • Gathering in any small space (e.g., the sacristy or narthex) is strongly discouraged, and should be limited to those who must be there.
  • No more than one person at a time should occupy any restroom. When not in use, doors should be left open to facilitate ventilation.
  • Convenient access to hand-washing sinks, hand sanitizer, and disposable masks must be available all gatherings.
  • Clergy and other parish leaders who come in close contact with large numbers of people on a regular basis should be tested regularly for COVID-19, and report positive test results to the Interim Rector and to the Diocese of Milwaukee.
  • Indoor Coffee Hour and other indoor receptions are suspended.
  • The Thrift Store is temporarily closed.
  • Any group meeting in the building may adopt more conservative guidelines as needed to ensure the safety of all involved.


  • Liturgical processions are allowed, but must be single-file, and include 6-foot distancing between those in procession.
  • Congregational and choral singing may be offered according to plans and limitations agreed upon by the Interim Rector and Parish Musician.
  • Hymnals and Prayer Books now may be used.
  • Public worship should be planned not to exceed 45 minutes, to be achieved by limiting the duration of the sermon, music, and optional prayers, and by eliminating one or more readings or psalms.
  • Every other pew will be closed using signage, as will any pews within 20 feet of the lectern or pulpit.
  • Celebrants, preachers, deacons, officiants, readers, and choristers may remove their masks when speaking or singing, so long as they observe 6-foot distancing from each other, and 20-foot distancing to those they are facing.
  • The ushers will not collect an offering from the congregation.
  • The congregation does not approach each other at the peace.
  • Celebrants and deacons at Eucharist must wash their hands thoroughly in the sacristy immediately prior to handling bread and or wine. Bread and wine should be covered during the Eucharistic Prayer.
  • For administration of communion, standing stations will be offered at the front of the nave. The congregation may approach the stations while observing 6-foot distancing from others. The Eucharistic Minister and those receiving communion must wear masks. Please consume the host after walking away from the Eucharistic Minister.

Updated 2021-10-13 15:16:21