Forest Home Cemetery


Forest Home Cemetery, at 2405 West Forest Home Avenue, was founded by St. Paul’s Church in the 1840’s, and in 1850, the first burial took place.

Forest Home is a rare “Garden Cemetery” with sun-graced grass, fountains, lake, thousand of trees and roads winding through soothing English gardens it is a lasting example of carefully maintained respect and care. Since 1850, Milwaukee has grown in an uncertain world of wars, victories, tragedies and triumphs. But throughout decades of changing times, area citizens and dignitaries have always shared a comforting constant: the unparalleled dignity of eternal rest at Forest Home Cemetery.

Today, Forest Home remains unchanged as a non-profit organization held in the public trust. Although St. Paul’s Church played a significant role in founding the Cemetery and continues a relationship with the Cemetery (for example, holding an annual All Saints Evensong in the historic Chapel), in recent years the trustee relationship between St. Paul’s and Forest Home Cemetery was clarified and resolved, allowing for a more dynamic and community-involved Board of Directors and ensuring the ongoing care of Forest Home.

The trustees have the freedom to meet the needs of the public they serve with innovations such as interest-free pre-arrangement plans. Instead of going to profits, a percentage of each sale is prudently invested to assure the continuance of an historical promise: careful and constant care of all buildings and grounds for generations of memories to come. For you and your loved ones, guarantee a place where history is never forgotten.

Forest Home embraces 200 acres of dignified beauty. It contains more undeveloped land than the total area of most cemeteries in the United States. Its historical significance has earned Forest Home the designation as an official Milwaukee Landmark and a listing in the National Registry of Historic Places.

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