Sermons (Page 37)

October 11: Anna’s Sermon

The Rev. Anna Doherty, Assisting Priest
Nineteenth Sunday after Pentecost

It never ceases to amaze me how sometimes the lectionary, just magically seems to fit the season of the year. How else can you explain why, as we prepare to kickoff stewardship season in a few weeks, we hear from Jesus about the proverbial “camel and the eye of a needle”? A text that deals so directly with the issue of personal wealth and giving seems perfect for stewardship season.

September 20, 2009: An Adult-Proof Kingdom

The Rev. Dr. C. Steven Teague, Rector
Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost

Have you been to a childproofed home recently? It’s interesting the lengths parents go to – and the unsuspected dangers lurking below knee-level. Childproofing keeps crawlers out of cabinets, tiny fingers out of electrical outlets, and kids generally from mischief and danger. Ever had a problem opening a childproofed bottle? I thought they were to keep kids out, not adults. I guess God gave us pliers for pill bottle caps like these.

Today, Jesus invites you to an “adult-proof” kingdom. Entrance requirements reduce our size – and the way in is unexpected, startling, and gruesome for those who follow Jesus. Admittedly, we’re not actually staring a cross in the face, like the disciples are. But we will suffer for choosing a way that doesn’t exactly add up or make sense.