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Throughout the year there are many activities and events that bring church members together to enjoy and enrich their relationships:

  • Parish Life: The Parish Life Committee is the key team responsible for strengthening and growing the many opportunities for Christian fellowship in the Parish.
  • Book Club: Meeting in the fall and winter months to read and discuss books of a religious nature.
  • Christian Education and Formation: Opportunities for children and adults to learn more about our faith.
  • Committees: St. Paul’s is a vibrant church and is always looking for help with the day to day management of its affairs.
  • Common Ground: A group dedicated to social activism and improving lives and opportunity in Milwaukee.
  • Docents: Volunteer to lead building tours of the beautiful Tiffany Windows and other architectural and artistic aspects of St. Paul’s.
  • Daughters of the King:  Daughters of the King are a lay order of women in the church who support each other .  We support each other in the rule of life we share: daily prayer, service and evangelism.
  • Education for Ministry: A weekly class of theological education from the University of the South.
  • Eucharistic Visitors: Lay ministers are trained to take communion to the homebound and the sick.
  • Foyer Groups: A fun, social way for members to get to know each other better throughout the year.
  • Knitting/Crochet Ministry: An informal group which meets to work on individual and group projects including projects for local charities.
  • Lay Ministries: Opportunities for members to participate actively in our worship services.
  • Layweeders: Contribute your time to the church and neighborhood by volunteering to work in the gardens at St. Paul’s.
  • Outreach: A team dedicated to its mission of Spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ through Serving Others.
  • Thrift Shop: A unique boutique of gently used clothing, accessories, and household goods, the Thirft Shop welcomes volunteers and donations.

Parish Life

The Parish Life Committee is charged with coordinating, marketing, communicating, and planning a wide variety of events and programs at St. Paul’s each year.  The committee attempts to strengthen and grow the many opportunities for Christian fellowship in the Parish, attract and retain new and newer members of the Parish, enhance both youth and adult Christian education and formation, and to promote the many and varied opportunities for service to our members and the surrounding community.  Contact: Bill Fry, williamlawsonfry@gmail.com.

Book Club

St. Paul’s book club is group of readers that meet to discuss books based on, inspired by, or otherwise related to religion.  Books can be nonfiction, fiction, or biographical.  Past examples of books include The Greatest Prayer by John Dominic Crossan, Why Christianity Must Change or Die by retired Episcopal Bishop John Spong, and Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis.

The Book Club meets once a month from October to May, usually on Tuesday or Wednesday nights depending on the schedules of the members.  Contact: Don Noel, 414-332-1024; dnoel@uwm.edu


As an active church with hundreds of members, St. Paul’s is always in need of those with the time and ability to help manage the affairs of the church.  There are opportunities for those with all types of backgrounds and interests to serve on the following teams: Finance Committee, Grounds Committee, Building Committee, Interiors Committee, Outreach Committee, Stewardship Committee, Planned Receiving-Planned Giving Committee, Worship, Music and Liturgy Committee, Nominating Committee, and Personnel Committee.  If you have any interest in becoming an active member of the team that supports the activities of the church, contact Fr. Steve Teague for more information.  Contact Steve Teague: steve.teague@stpaulsmilwaukee.org

Common Ground

Are you a person who believes in social activism and likes volunteering with others to affect change? You may be interested in joining St Paul’s Common Ground Core Team. We are a group of individuals who work on issues such as: housing and foreclosure and gun violence in the inner city; water quality in Milwaukee; help for parents; and the building of a new arena for the Milwaukee Bucks Basket Ball Team. St Paul’s was an early member of Common Ground when it was launched in 2008 and the dues are a line item in our Outreach budget. Check out the web site for more information…commongroundwi.org. Join the Team and go to work!   Contact: Pat Ruttum – 262-786-4567 or psruttum@hotmail.com


There are two Docent activities at St. Paul’s: Building Tours and Special Event Hosting. St. Paul’s usually conducts tours for 15-20 tour groups a year.  This activity requires knowledge of the stain glass windows, Tiffany style, types of glass and general history of how stain glass became an art form in religious settings.  Special Event Hosting is an occasional event that requires two to three hours of hosting visitors to the church and guiding them around the church.  Contact: Paul Haubrich – 414-228-0148 or paulh@uwm.edu

Daughters of the King

Daughters of the King are a lay order of women in the church.  We support each other in the rule of life we share: daily prayer, service and evangelism.  We seek to be empowered by the Holy Spirit to make Jesus Christ known to others by reflecting God’s love throughout the church, community, and the world.   Contact: Lela Joscelyn – 414-218-5674 or lelajoyslyn@sbcglobal.net

Education for Ministry

Every baptized person is called to ministry. The Education for Ministry (EfM) program provides people with the education to carry out our ministry in the world.  As the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, Michael Curry, says: “Now is our time to go.  To go into the world to share the good news of God and Jesus Christ.  To go into the world and help to be agents and instruments of God’s reconciliation.  To go into the world, let the world know that there is a God who loves us, a God who will not let us go, and that that love can set us all free.”

St. Paul’s sponsors an Education for Ministry (EFM) group which welcomes members of all religions and denominations. The program involves 36 lessons a year for four years, although commitment to the program is one year at a time.  Contact – Lela Joscelyn, 414-362-0734; ljoscelyn@wi.rr.com

Lay Eucharistic Visitors

Lay ministers are trained to take communion to the homebound, the sick, the disabled in their homes, retirement homes, nursing homes, etc. By visiting them in their homes, LEVs take “church” to them and allows them to share in the communion of Christ’s body and blood, and connect them with the church community.  Contact: Sheila Scott: 414-218-2615 or csillams@sbcglobal.net

Foyer Groups

The purpose of Foyer Groups is to provide a social outlet for church members to meet on a regular basis throughout the year for fellowship and fun!  Foyer Groups are organized in the fall and typically meet a few times throughout the year to share a meal or other activity.  Contact: Teresa Castor – 262-705-3097 or theresa.castor@gmail.com

Knitting/Crochet Ministry

The Knitting Group is an informal group that meets seasonally depending on member schedules to work on individual and group knitting projects with a focus on donating knitted items to local charities. Prior experience is not necessary!  Contact: Teresa Castor – 262-705-3097 or theresa.castor@gmail.com


The Layweeders are a group who tend the gardens of St. Paul’s. We always welcome additional members.  Each of us does work in the gardens on our own schedule but often we work together; it is more pleasant.  The gardens are a beautiful place to work and it is enjoyable to interact with the neighbors and those passing by, many complement the gardens. We definitely are providing a great contribution to the neighborhood.  Please join us. Look forward to hearing from you.  Contact: Ken Brath – 414-659-6948 or guysmiley26@hotmail.com.