Parking & Directions

Parking Guide

Those with special needs, elderly, families with infants and toddlers and the physically impaired as well as visitors and newcomers are welcome to use the St. Paul’s parking lot. Others should consider the options listed below.



Sunday Morning Parking Options

The following parking options correspond with the numbered items in the map below. For parking in areas detailed in numbers 5 and 6, please download and print this sign (PDF), and place it in your driver’s side window.

  1. St. Paul’s Lot
  2. Lincoln School of the Arts Lot – it is suggested that the Choir, staff and those attending 8AM Eucharist park here, thus freeing up St. Paul’s Lot for those coming to church later.
  3. Astor Hotel Lot – parking fee unless you are a patron, including those who enjoy their Sunday brunch.
  4. Kings Head Lot – $2 charge on leaving the lot.
  5. Additional Kings Head Lot – no charge; please place sign in your driver’s side window.
  6. Jewish Family Service – no charge; please place sign in your driver’s side window.