Posts from May 2020


Worship-at-HomePersonal ReflectionFellowship with Friends During this time of health-preserving isolation, we have a lot of free-time. We want to use this time productively, and we need structure. Worship-at-Home will be a temporary norm during this crisis. Here are resources for Worship-at-Home on YouTube and Facebook. The first listing includes Worship-at-Home resources produced at St. Paul’s. […]

Messages from the Rector

May 11, 2020 Self-Awareness I spent two days last week in another world (no, this is not about soap operas). I participated in a webinar offered by The Sacred Art of Living Center in Bend, Oregon around the enneagram and spirituality. The center was founded in 1996 by Richard Groves and his late wife, Mary. […]

Music Recorded at St. Paul’s

Music from St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Milwaukee The Rev. W. Bradley Toebben, RectorCanon Joseph A. Kucharski, Director of Liturgy and MusicMr. Tedd. L. King, Associate OrganistFour Choral Scholars of St. Paul’s Church Schantz Organ Co. (Opus 2307, 2012) – 51 ranks. 3050 pipes. 4 divisions. 3 manuals. 42 stops. 61 registers YouTube videos are categorized […]