If St. Paul’s Walls Could Speak

A Meditative Musical Video

It is almost two weeks since we have been outside the walls of St. Paul’s and encouraged to remain within our own. That is so isolating for us and especially those in our community who live in retirement facilities that are under quarantine. We often idealize the reality of early Christianity and the Church. Yet, we are being invited to live deeply in our faith as did those first Christians. We will return to the physical walls of St. Paul’s. For now, we must rely on the ties within our community which offer support and safety. It is realistic to say this will continue for weeks to come. As you seek center and balance inside the space you call home, I hope this little gift will allow you to reconnect with the place we know as home.

May your spirit journey from the confines of your walls to the spaciousness of ours.

Blessings, Brad+