Adult formation: St. Paul’s enriching 9 a.m. hour

Here is the updated November-through-January 2018-2019 adult formation lineup. See you at 9 a.m. on Sunday!


4         “The Era of the Holy Spirt”                                                                               Kathy Thome, M.A.

A St. Paul parishioner with graduate work in Spirituality completes our 2018 study of the Trinity

11         “Faith Formation For All”                                                              Fr. Brad Toebben, M.A., S.T.L.

An exploration of how growth opportunities can be made available to all in the parish.

18         Parish Meetings—No Adult Formation

25        “The Work Of The Episcopal Church in Haiti”                                               Melissa Cruze, M.A.

An Episcopal Diocese of Milwaukee representative shares her observations of the work in Haiti



2            Christmas Boutique: Buying All Your Christmas Presents In The Great Hall. No Adult Session

9           “Changing Your World View”                                                                       Paul Haubrich, Ph.D.

A presentation of epidemiologist  Hans Rosling’s views  that things are better than we think

16          Parish Meetings—No Adult Formation

23          “Sharing Personal Christmas Traditions”                                        Fr. Brad Toeben, M.A., S.T.L.

Father Brad invites our stories around the Christmas tree with holiday punch and cookies

30          “Why Episcopalians Find It Hard To Talk About Jesus”                      James Gramentine, M.A.T.

               In the month of Jesus’ birth, we ask ourselves whether our witness has become more difficult



6          “Adverse Childhood Experiences: Changing our World”                     Timothy Grove, M.S.S.W.

Chief Clinical Officer at SaintA explains ACE science can promote community healing  

13          “New Voices in New Testament Theological Studies”                         Garwood Anderson, Ph.D.

Nashotah House’s Provost shares new directions in N.T. studies including his own.

20           Parish Meetings—No Adult Formation

27           Annual Meeting—No Adult Formation


And to recap: here’s the great lineup from September and October. 


23   “Strategic Plan Progress Report”                                                                              John Bauer, Ph.D.

         St. Paul’s Junior Warden shares results of the parish-wide survey and plans for the preferred future

30    “Enemy Aliens: American Protestants vs. The U.S. Government.”                 Charles Werth, M.Div.

         How the U.S. government targeted German Lutheran ministers and lay people during WWI.   



7         “Debt, Finance and Religion: Could Things Be More Complicated”            M. Schumacher, B.A.

Exploring the historical nexus between Finance and Faith                        A. Hickey, M.A.

14       “The Episcopal Church U.S.A. In Action”                                                       Peter Larson, M.B.A.

St. Paul’s lay delegate to the July 79th ECUSA Convention in Austin, Texas shares his experience

21        Parish Meetings—No Adult Formation

28       “Learnings From Selma 1965 And 60 Years Of  Urban Ministry” Joseph Ellwanger, M.Div., D.D.

Emeritus Pastor of Cross Lutheran Church and Community Activist shares his personal story