A whole new season of Adult Formation discussion

Actually, enough for multiple seasons — wonderful exchanges from July through January 

Unless otherwise noted, all sessions are at 9 a.m. in St. Paul’s Community Room.

July 2017                                                                                                                                             


2                    July 4 Weekend    “Render Unto Caesar … and Unto God”        “Terry Zimmer, M.A.

An exploration of our various perspectives on national critiques and  loyalties.                        

9                    Pentecost 5         “Insights from our Interim Period.             The Rev Brad Toebben, M.A., S.T.L.

Father Brad invites us to share what we learned during the parish’s long vacancy.                   

16                     Pentecost 6           No Class Parish Meetings

23                     Pentecost 7          “Challenges to Native American Identity”   Richard Gonzalez. M.A.

                             A retired school principal and member of the Oneida tribe shares his perspectives.  

30                     Pentecost 8         “Aging Today: Promises and Challenges”    The Rev. Kent Mayfield, Ph.D.

A representative of St. John’s on the Lake talks about changing needs of aging in our society.


August 2017                                                                                                                                         


6                    Pentecost 9         “Hymnody and the Liturgical Calendar”       Fr. Brad Toebben, M.A., S.T.L.

Father Brad helps us to explore aspects of two of his major interests.  with Tim Benson, M.A.  

13                     Pentecost 10       “How Pauline is St. Paul’s?”                          The Rev. Garwood Anderson, Ph.D.

                             The New Testament professor at Nashotah House Seminary views St. Paul’s Pauline identity.

20                     Pentecost 11       No Class No Meetings

27                     Pentecost 12       “Socially Responsible Investing”                Margaret Schumacher

                             A St. Paul’s member who works with investments helps us explore alternative ways of investing.                                     

September 2017                                                                                                                                    


3                    Rosh Hoshanah   “Celebrating Rosh Hoshanah and Yom Kippur”  Rabbi Steven Adams

The Dir. of Pastoral Care for Ovation Communities leads a discussion on Jewish high holidays.

10                     Festival Sunday Garden Party and Ministry Fair — after the 10:15 service

17                     Pentecost 15       No Class Parish Meetings

24                     Pentecost 16       “St. Paul’s Involvement with The Gathering”  Ken Bernoska & Jennifer Williams

Learn about our local outreach to feed the hungry including assemblage of Trail Mix activity.


October 2017                                                                                                                                        


1                    Pentecost 17       “Great Stories From the Apocryphal Books”    The Rev. Michael Cover, Ph.D.

An Episcopal priest and New Testament Scholar explores the continuing value of the Apocrypha.

8                    Pentecost 18       “Great Teachings from the Apocryphal Books”            The Rev. Michael Cover, Ph.D.

Prof. Cover of Marquette University continues his study with us of the Apocryphal books.

15                     Pentecost 19          No Class Parish Meetings

22                     Luke the Physician “An Ophthalmologist Looks at Art”                       Mark Ruttum, M.D.

On the Sunday associated with Luke the physician, Dr. Ruttum helps us see what eyes can see.   

29                     Reformation       “Did Luther Really Say?”                          The Rev. David Zersen, Ed.D.                              Contexts for some of Luther’s controversial sayings on the Reformation’s 500th.


November 2017 


5                    All Saints          “Ways of Remembering”                           Jan Van Rens

The CEO of Forest Home leads us to appreciate new ways in which people remember loved ones.

12                    Pentecost 23       “Developing a Vital Outreach Ministry”       The Rev. Phil Anderas, Ph.D.

Pastor for Missional Discipleship at City Reformed Church shares his insights on urban outreach.         

19                     Pentecost 24       No Class Parish Meetings

26                     Christ the King    “Women Mystical Writers:  Their Wisdom for Today”    Kathe Thome, M.A.

                             Insightful stories of saints from one who taught literature and religion to undergraduates.                                                                           

December 2017                                                                                                                                      


3                    Advent 1            Christmas Boutique No Class

The fabulous annual Christmas gift venue of St. Paul’s Thrift Shop—the place to buy presents.

10                     Advent 2            “Celebrating Orthodox Christmas”                Fr. John Ketchum

A spokesperson from Annunciation Church shares holiday traditions of the Orthodox community.         

17                     Advent 3            No Class Parish Meetings

24                     Christmas Eve    No Class

31                     New Year’s Eve   No Class


January            2018                                                                                                                                        


7                    Epiphany           “Commandments or Encouragements”           The Rev. David Zersen, Ed.D.

How do Christians understand the relationship between biblical commandments and paranesis?

14                         Epiphany 2            “What a Rabbi Says To Christians Today”     Terry Zimmer, M.A.

The implications for Christians of the thought of Abraham Heschel.   

21                     Epiphany 3           No Class Annual Meeting

28                     Epiphany 4           “Leadership in the Milwaukee Community”   John Bauer, Ph.D.

St. Paul’s Vestry explores with us and Dr. Bauer ways to show spiritual leadership in Milwaukee.          



If there are questions about any of these topics/presenters or if you have suggestions for future topics/presenters, contact either Dave Zersen (djzersen@gmail.com) or Terry Zimmer (ztl        eman@gmail.com)