Bringing our finalists to St. Paul’s

Back in August,  this point seemed a long way away, but now it’s here. We’re at the point in our journey where members of our Discernment Committee have completed phone interviews with candidates and taken trips to their current churches to experience worship and learn from and about them.

Now we have two finalists whom we believe have the potential to bring wonderful spiritual gifts and  leadership qualities to St. Paul’s. In the coming weeks, we are inviting them here so they can experience St. Paul’s and meet with the entire committee and Vestry so we can continue learning about each other. After these visits, which we hope to have completed not long after Easter, we’ll have deeper discussions about what our future as a parish would look like with either of these two priests.

The responsibility is great but our group is very excited about these next steps. The unique qualities, talents and gifts of these candidates will make for a rich discussion about what where St. Paul’s has been in the past, what it is today and where we’ll go together in the future. Please keep this process in your prayers, now more than ever!

Steve Filmanowicz, Senior Warden