The Discernment (not Search) Committee

If you’ve been listening closely to announcements and updates at recent services, you may have noticed that what was called the “Search Committee” during previous transition periods at St. Paul’s is now called the Discernment Committee. That fits a trend that’s taken hold in Episcopal churches nationwide and reflects the understanding that the process we’re conducting is about more than just finding a dynamic new leader — it’s also about clarifying who we are as a faith community and finding a rector who can lead us where we want to go together, where God is calling us.

This time, the committee has already been busy on this work of discernment, drafting a portfolio filled with information about our church community and answers to probing questions about our past, present and future. Several of these questions were the centerpiece of a 9 a.m. parish forum about a month ago.  That portfolio will be ready for sharing soon, but first, more about the Discernment Committee whose membership hasn’t previously been shared in this space. Sorry about that.

So here are the members of the committee. Feel free to talk to them about their work and thank them for their service.

Chairs: Carrie Barbee and Bill Fry

Non-vestry members: Julie Okoro, Rand Schmidt, Steve Sanders

Vestry members: Theresa Castor, Stephen Filmanowicz, Michael Gauger, Sandra Halgerson, Paul Haubrich, Ben Johnson, Kenneth Robinson, Margaret Schumacher, André Williams, Terry Zimmer

Christine Krueger, Clerk