A Note from the Senior Warden

As you all know, we are starting a major transition in the life of St. Paul’s – the celebration of our 21st rector, Steve Teague, and the selection of our 22nd rector.  The coming months will be a time for merriment and sadness as we say goodbye to a wonderful rector and friend.  These months will also be a time for discernment and excitement for our congregation as we start the process of selecting a new rector.

As Junior and Senior Wardens, Steve Filmanowicz and I are starting this blog to keep the congregation informed of upcoming events for Karen and Steve Teague and our progress through the rector search process.

We are in the early stages of both planning celebrations and starting the rector search, so we do not have a lot of detailed information to share.  Many are asking about next steps and a time frame.  In the short term, we have some individuals who are working on celebrations to recognize the Teagues, and we will have dates and additional information shortly.

As to the rector search, we are preparing for the next steps, which include discernment about our parish’s path and considering issues such as whether to retain an interim pastor.  However, our primary focus at this time is celebrating our last few weeks with Steve and Karen.

Over the coming weeks and months, please look for updates on this site, as well as in church announcements and the Apostle.  We will also schedule some formal and informal opportunities for you to meet with the Wardens, Vestry and/or search committee members.  We welcome your questions and concerns, as well as your thoughts and prayers.  Thank you for your prayers and support through this busy but exciting time.

Carrie Barbee

Senior warden