Listen, engage, enlighten: The 9 a.m. hour comes alive at St. Paul’s

Join us at 9 a.m. nearly every Sunday as we gather to learn from our presenters and from one another. Read on to explore the full winter-spring 2016 schedule.



24            “Three Theological Issues that Should Fascinate You”                                      Lela Joscelyn

Dr. Joscelyn, Assoc. Prof. of Psychology, Mt. Mary University, holds a certificate in theology

31            “What Composers Seek to do for the Church”                                                          Tim Benson

Tim Benson is Music Director at St. Paul’s, a composer, and Asst. Dir. of the MSO Chorus



7            “Christianity in Romania under the Nazis and the Communists”                                 Sheila Scott

The Rev. Sheila Scott, a native of Romania, serves as Deacon at St. Paul’s.

14           “My Love Affair With Art”                                                                                                        Barbara Brown Lee

Dr. Lee is Chief Educator Emeritus at the Milwaukee Art Museum where she served for 50 years    

21            No program — reserved for committee meetings.

28            “Three Issues I Wish You Would Be Thinking About”                                       Steven Peay, A. Grosso

Join two academic leaders from Nashotah House Seminary for a description of the “new” missional context wherein the church finds itself, and consideration of how this missional context invites congregations to revisit common assumptions about the faith and practice of the church. The role of theological formation in this new missional context is vital. This is a timely and important program relating to our emphasis on fulfilling our mission and the VIVA Process for Year 2.



6             “Secret Stories in St. Paul’s Windows”                                                                                Mary Eagan

Dr. Haubrich is St. Paul’s historian; Mary Eagan is a specialist in medieval art and literature        

13            “ St. Joan Antida — the Opportunity Generator Next Door”           Paul Gessner and Joel Cencius

Paul Gessner is St. Joan’s head of school and Joel Cencius is director of communication and development.

20            Palm Sunday                                                                                                                                     No Program

27            Easter Sunday                                                                                                                                   No Program



3            “The 21st Century Family: Changes, Choices , Challenges”                           Kristin Zersen Selear

Kristin Selear is a Master’s Level Social Worker in the Child Welfare System, Washington County

10            “Three Issues I Wish You Would Be Thinking About”                                            Garwood Anderson

Dr. Anderson is Professor of New Testament and Greek at Nashotah House

17            Parish Committee Meetings                                                                                                 No Program

24            “Education Options in Milwaukee: What’s Best for our Children?”           Pat Luebke, Ken Robinson

Dr. Luebke is Interim Dean of Education at Alverno; Ken Robinson is a retired educator 



1             “The Biblical Vision of Marc Chagall: An Illustrated Pilgrimage”                                   Deirdre Dempsey

Dr. Dempsey is Assoc. Professor of Old Testament and Semitic Languages, Marquette University

8             Surprising Meanings Behind our Worship Practices”                                          Steve Teague

Father Teague helps to personalize the Episcopal Liturgy

15            Parish Committee Meetings                                                                                                 No Program

22            “How St. Paul’s Members Help Solve Milwaukee’s Social Problems”      Robert Connolly

Bob is Staff Dir. for Common Ground, identifying and finding solutions for local social problems

29            “Are Christian Views of Non-Violence Still Relevant?”                                       David Zersen

Dr. Zersen explores alternative Christian views to war on Memorial Day Weekend