Values, Identity, Vision and Action: an update from Bill Fry

Dear Members and Friends of St. Paul’s Church,

We began our VIVA journey in the Summer/Fall of 2014 with preliminary work on our values, identity and vision for the future of St. Paul’s. Through Vestry discernment, parish workshops, and much-valued feedback from our members, we identified four Visions for Mission that would help guide us as we move forward while valuing, celebrating and retaining that which makes us a meaningful fellowship in Christ and a generous member of our local community.

The Vision for Mission for 2015 was a Vision for Nurture. This vision was meant to be an opening of ourselves to the experience of God’s grace by nurturing and valuing our strengths as a faith community, in other words, by celebrating and expanding on those things that we do well and have added value to the experience at St. Paul’s.

These efforts resulted in the creation of the Parish Life Committee (PLC), whose purpose is one of inclusion and outreach to current and prospective members of the Parish. The PLC has, hopefully, been a body that has encouraged inclusion and more active participation in the life of the church.

We have also experienced God’s grace through our informative, thought- provoking and meaningful Adult

The VIVA-inspired vision — displayed in the Great Hall.

The VIVA-inspired vision — as displayed last year in the Great Hall.

Christian Formation series and through on- going efforts to enhance our Youth Christian Education program. The PLC and the Worship, Music & Liturgy Committee, in conjunction with Tim Benson, our choir and several other partnering music groups, have offered us many opportunities to celebrate the beauty and hospitality of St. Paul’s through music and song. And our Communications Committee has made significant progress on the re-design of our website and our internal information systems.

For 2016, the Vestry has chosen our next VIVA goal of a Vision for Heritage. This vision will focus on our rich foundation of Anglican traditions through education and evangelism. We will attempt to find ways to value new diversity while honoring our heritage as we share God’s gifts at St. Paul’s in a distinctive way. As we begin 2016, you will be hearing much more from the Vestry about this vision, and will be asked to join us in forums, formal and informal discussions, surveys, etc., and offer your wisdom, ideas and suggestions on how we can continue and improve our visions for ministry at St. Paul’s. Sincerely,

Bill Fry
Senior Warden, St. Paul’s Vestry