How Proud of the St. Paul Organ Is the Company that Built It?

Just after New Year’s Day, I got an e-mail from the Vice President and Tonal Director for the Schantz Organ Company asking me if he could use one of my pictures of the St. Paul organ for promotional material they’re creating for the  AGO’s (American Guild of Organists) 2012 Annual Convention in Nashville. The convention draws organists, organ builders, and church musicians from all around the country for a week’s worth of wonderful and informative workshops and concerts. Of course I told him Schantz could use the picture. The company is mighty proud of this instrument, and well they should be! It’s a beauty!! And it sounds fantastic!! And… organists and musicians from all around the country will get a peek at it this summer when they gather in Nashville for their festivities. I just thought you all would like to know this… Our new organ is becoming quite the celebrity!!


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