This year…

Christmas is coming early…


On Monday, December 5th, at about 9am, a MONUMENTAL event will take place at St. Paul’s. And… you get to be a part of it!!

As you know, since January of this year, the Schantz Organ Company of Orrville, Ohio has been busily and carefully crafting a beautiful new pipe organ for St. Paul’s. Now that the renovation of the interior of the church is complete, the only thing missing is the organ, and what is now a vast empty space in the apse is ready to be filled with our wonderful new instrument.

Well, they’re putting the finishing touches on the organ out in Ohio, and, soon, they’ll be loading up their 53-foot semi-trailer and bringing it to St. Paul’s. They’ll arrive at our front door on Monday morning, December 5th. Now, there’s a wonderful tradition when a church receives delivery of its new pipe organ: everyone from the parish—old and young alike, men, women, and kids—is invited to greet the truck as it arrives and help unload the thousands of pieces, large and small, and bring them into the church. No strenuous work is involved (unless you choose to do some!), and there are things to carry that anyone can manage. It’s a terrific way to “ring in” the new instrument! Besides, it’s also a terrific opportunity for us all to get together in a spirit of fun and fellowship (we are coming up on Christmas, after all!), knowing with no little pride and satisfaction that, once the organ is completed and standing beautifully in its new home, each of us will have had some part in making that all happen. The instrument will become part of the fabric of this beautiful building and, more, a part of the prayer and worship of this wonderful community of faith for generations to come. Just think: seventy years or so from now, some yet-unborn child may stand in St. Paul’s and say with pride, “My grandpa [grandma, mom, dad] helped carry that organ in the day it arrived at St. Paul’s. He used to tell me stories about it. I even have pictures of it!”

So, won’t you join us and help mark this milestone in the life of St. Paul’s by lending a hand? It’ll be fun! And, it’ll be interesting!! Wait until you see what goes into building one of these amazing instruments! Mark the date. Bring the family. Bring some friends. We’ll make a celebration of it!! Monday, December 5th, 9am in church. The truck will pull up at the front door on Knapp Street. And that’s when we get to unload the sleigh!!!!

P.S. I’ve been told by a Christmas elf that those who help with the unloading will be treated to a chili lunch in the Great Hall when the truck has been emptied, so come hungry as well!

P.P.S. Bring a camera; you’re gonna want those pictures when you tell the stories to your children and grandchildren!


  1. Sounds excellent. Please send a group text to us all interested yet who understand that the actual arrival time of St. Paul’s new Schantz Organ may vary due to weather and traffic conditions.

    Glad to know that the general public are invited to attend, witness and take pictures. Others hav told me the opposite. II look forward to attending the first inaugural and primal unloading of the Schantz Pipe Organ to Great Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church. I hope you are all having a great time of rejoicing.

    David Bahrke

  2. How convenient! I am sure many potential members of Sint Paul’s or converts of the EpscopalChurh would welcome knowing the arrival of the new Schntz Pipe Organ for the Great Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church. I wish the Schant Organ Company and your Organist and choir Master and Director of Music Ministry had put more effort into this public relations manifold and just plain basic effort to especially respect the donors for the new organ at Great Saint Paul’s Church, Milwaukee WI. I am dissappointtedand wonder if Tim Benson get first chance to edit these comments? That’s fraud.

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