Annual Outing to Miller Park-Feedback Needed

Planning is underway for St. Paul’s annual trip to Miller Park to see the Brewers!

We are in the process of picking a date that works best for everyone. Possible dates are August 7, 21 ,28 or September 25.  All are Saturday night games that start at 6:10.

Also, we have an opportunity to hire a bus that will drive us from St. Paul’s to Miller Park and completely cater the event for us, as well.  This would double the price of each ticket from $20 (as it’s been in the past) to $40.

At this point, we are gauging interest in that approach, as well. We’ll go either way, but we need to know if what we’ve done in the past will work or if we’d like to pay to have someone else do the heavy lifting.

If you have feedback on the date and/or the bus approach, please comment here. Thanks!


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