This Week at St. Paul’s

Welcome to St. Paul’s Church

St. Paul’s is a welcoming and inclusive community of about 280 members who come from all over the greater Milwaukee area.

We treasure the richness and diversity God has given our community, as it enhances our understanding of God.

Death & Resurrection: a Lessons and Carols Service for the Easter Season

Join the St. Paul’s parish family in a celebration of the Easter Season as we present our Easter Lessons & Carols Service. Using music, poetry, and Scripture, this unique service serves as a meditation on the redeeming work of Christ and our salvation. The St. Paul’s Choir will be joined by other singers from the community and a brass quartet in singing the music of William Mathias, Eleanor Daley, Schubert, Tchaikovsky, and others. If you thought Lessons & Carols was just for the Christmas Season, come and be amazed at the glory of an Easter Service! Admission is free (there will be a freewill offering) and everyone is welcome, so bring family, bring friends, and invite a stranger! Celebrate our redemption! May 10th, 4:00pm here at St. Paul’s. See you there!

  • SATURDAY, MAY 10th
  • 4:00PM

April 13, 2014: Palm Sunday–A Meditation on the Passion According to St. Matthew

The Rev. Dr. C. Steven Teague, Rector
Palm Passion Sunday

I avoid inconvenient unpleasantness, like suffering and death. I wonder if that is what keeps a lot of Christians from attending Holy Week services – Jesus’ suffering and death. Besides, we know how the story ends. Perhaps I haven’t done a good job helping them understand. Honestly, the cross is an unpleasant image.

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Holy Week Services at St. Paul’s

Holy Week is one of the most crucial times of the Church Year as we prepare for Easter’s joy. Each Sunday is a mini-Easter, thus Maundy Thursday and Good Friday are key for our understanding of Easter and weekly worship of thanksgiving to God through the year.  Join us for worship at any of our services:

Maundy Thursday 7:00 p.m.
Good Friday 12:00 p.m., 5:00 p.m. Family Service, and 7:00 p.m. Service with choral music
Easter Sunday 8:00 a.m., 10:15 a.m.

All are welcome!

April 6, 2104: Raising the Dead – Ahead of Time

The Rev. Dr. C. Steven Teague, Rector
Fifth Sunday in Lent

John has some long, winding stories. If you missed the past few Sundays, you might not know that. If you do know that, I apologize for telling you what you know. Surely all of us realize that today. You are here, and I am glad. The majority of Christians are anywhere but in church today. So thanks for showing up, even if you get fidgety listening to the Gospel and sermons. My mind wanders, too: “I’ve heard this story before. I know how it ends. Why do we stand for long readings? What do I need from the grocery store? Why did God let Kentucky win” – and off go our minds. But worship is not about us showing up. It’s about God.

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The April Apostle has lots of news for you!

Click on News then on the Apostle icon…see what is planned for April at St. Paul’s…lots of pictures!

March 23, 2014: Creator, Shepherd and More

The Rev. Dr. C. Steven Teague, Rector
Third Sunday in Lent

How do you when you get reminded of what you already know, and don’t want to hear again? We call that Lent – when we get dragged back to stare at truth we’d rather forget. Such truth is found in Psalm 95 – which today includes verses often omitted.

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March 16, 2014: On Being Kept the Proper Way

The Rev. Dr. C. Steven Teague, Rector
Second Sunday in Lent

If you say someone is a “kept” person, is that a compliment? Kept persons used to be the domain of women. Now men have equal opportunity to be kept by a successful spouse or partner. What does it mean to be kept? Is it that a person dresses stylishly and tastefully, every hair in place? I remember my mother say in a snarky voice, “Well, she’s a kept woman.” I could tell that did mean someone dressed nicely. I learned to be kept means the husband earned money enough to keep his wife in the luxuries of her choice. It can mean other things, that you know, but we’re not going there.

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March 9, 2014: First Sunday in Lent

The Rev. Dr. C. Steven Teague, Rector
First Sunday in Lent

How many of you have seen any of the Hunger Games movies? Some of you have. I haven’t. But I am going to preach about them anyway. I imagine I won’t be talking about what you have seen, but I won’t know for sure. Hunger Games, the movies, are hot topics among theologians these days. I get my cursory information from reading their comments.

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Frankly Music Presents: The Miró Quartet

Frank Almond’s highly-acclaimed concert series Frankly Music brings the inspiring Miró Quartet to St. Paul’s for an evening of spectacular music. On the program:

  • Haydn: Quartet in D Major, Op. 64, No. 5, “The Lark”
  • Philip Glass: Quartet No. 5 (1995)
  • Schubert: Quartet in D minor, D. 810, “Death and the Maiden”

Join us for this incredible evening.

  • March 11, 2014
  • 7:00pm
  • St. Paul’s Episcopal Church • 914 East Knapp Street • Milwaukee

ATTENTION! St. Paul’s parishioners and friends can take advantage of a special discount! When ordering tickets, use the code StPaul14 for a 25% discount! (Sorry, students don’t qualify for the discount, but student prices are already a bargain!)

Tickets can be ordered here. Don’t forget to use your discount code for great savings!!

March 2, 2014: The Feast of the Transfiguration

The Rt. Rev.Ed Leidel, Jr.
Last Sunday after the Epiphany

Good morning. It’s great to be here with you at St. Paul’s this morning. Your Rector and Wardens have invited me here as a way of introducing me to you as I begin a three month process of working with Father Steve and your vestry. During these upcoming months your vestry will be re-discerning their perceptions of the best of what St Paul’s is today and the best of what St. Paul’s can become in the future. I will remain invisible to most of you, as my work will be behind the scenes, encouraging your leadership to use their many gifts to lead St. Paul’s into a sustainable and life-giving presence for the new and challenging time in which we live.

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